Son of Nor Diary #90 – It’s A Bird

Son of Nor is now available on Steam Early Access! We’re busy listening to feedback from the community and implementing it.

  • Son of Nor is now in the Steam Store: Thanks for everybody’s support in kickstarting us or buying the game now already! We’re grateful!
  • We’re actively roaming the forums. It takes a lot of time but player feedback is extremely valuable. We hear about exotic bugs, not so exotic bugs that we just seem to have missed, and loooots and lots of suggestions we will discuss in our daily meetings. Extraordinary ideas. We certainly get a lot of value and can make the game much more fun. So far, all our community experience has been extremely useful.
  • Our in-game error reporting tool is a blessing. By using F4, players can directly send a bug report from within the game. No account creating, no navigating to another website… This takes too much time and people don’t do it. This way, we get exactly what the player’s position is, what players look at, and the error log. Thus, making it easier to identify the error / bug and fixing it.
  • Jason made new visual effects for when players pick up a wind, fire, or essence element.
  • While the Early Access version of Son of Nor already has a lot of playable levels, the level list is not yet complete. In the background, we’re working on the last levels of the game. One of the not so finished still is Taro. We have a rough level layout and are iterating on it to make it more interesting and fun.
  • The placeholder Horastes statue that was in Yant’shaza now was replaced by the correct Lur statue, which looks godly.
  • The Early Access version also has a placeholder intro video to kick-off the game’s story. Ricardo is working on the finished intro with the final illustrations by our illustrator Simon.
  • The Early Access build already sports a multiplayer mode. Ricardo shows some gameplay scenes.
  • On the other hand, cutscenes in multiplayer sometimes suffer from strange effects ;)
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