Son of Nor Diary #97 – Burring Content Update

AWESOME UPDATE THIS WEEK! Bury enemies, destroy trees, dragon! Watch this week’s dev diary.

  • We finally managed to implement some more complex things (that also took more time) you guys were commenting on and requesting! If anything, THIS dev diary is the proof that we’re listening and keep improving Son of Nor bit by bit!
  • HUUUUGE content update coming this week! New main menu, new customization options, new playable characters, featured map, new loading screen, loading screen tips, new fun sandbox map, visual improvements, much better player guidance and improved gameplay in level 1, destroyable trees, pick up branches and use them as weapon, and BURY ENEMIES! And new levels will be available with this content update, too.
  • Our main question to you: What do you think of the new sand-burying mechanics?
  • Son of Nor is now available as Steam Early Access version. Thank you for supporting us:

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