Son of Nor Goes Steam Early Access

Hey everybody!

After having had a closed alpha stage exclusive to our Kickstarter backers, as well as a backer only closed beta phase, we’re now ready to open up the Son of Nor beta for a stress test!

We wanted to thank our alpha and beta backers for all the feedback you provided! We’ve been hard at work eliminating annoyances and bugs the last couple of weeks: We added a bunch of NEW levels the last beta did not have, we sent out our gardeners and added lots of beautifying properties to all areas, we revised player progression and puzzles based on your feedback, we added new visual effects and sounds, AND MULTIPLAYER! (Note: Multiplayer is a little shaky but otherwise it would not be a beta!)

Son of Nor Early Access Trailer

To announce Son of Nor Steam Early Access properly, we’re very excited to show our new trailer!

How To Get It?

First of all let us iterate that Son of Nor is STILL in beta phase. The game experience can not be called complete at all! We are continuously working on many things until the game’s release. If you don’t want to spoil your experience, please hold off and wait for the final game!!

If you feel adventurous and want to actively shape the way Son of Nor is developing, dive in at the deep end, get the game, join the forums or the Steam Community Hub, play away and comment what you like and what you think should be changed! Or use the built-in F4 function to send feedback directly into our database!

But let me tell you this: Son of Nor is not a game that takes you by the hand. The end of the world doesn’t come with a manual that says how to avert it… Son of Nor is hard. You will discover ancient temples and get in dangerous situations and near impossible fights. And it’s YOU that has to find out how things work and get out alive at the other end. It’s possible, and to every challenge there is a solution.

Tip: If you don’t know how to progress, exchange stories of your journey by the campfire. Join our forums or the Steam Community Hub and talk to other adventurers! Maybe others have found a solution.

Get the Early Access version of Son of Nor!

The Funny Ending

PS: As a funny side-note, I’d like to show you the trailer we did almost exactly 2 years ago. Enjoy (even though it’s hard to enjoy this ancient footage, haha… UGHHHH!!!)

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