Son of Nor Diary #113 – Wrapping Up

We’re wrapping up Son of Nor! It’s almost ready!

  • It’s less than 3.5 weeks until release! AAARGHHH! Release is March 31st 2015!
  • Intro movies are now rendered in full HD and with great sound for English and German voice over. Also the outro movie is now done!
  • Secret revelations about the Horastes statue.
  • Original soundtrack was wrapped up, too, and looks gorgeous in one’s music library.
  • Chris was super busy the last few weeks creating all planned release trailers for the marketing and PR team. Sneak peek.
  • What’s our next project? We’re already working on a new game at stillalive studios. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what’s next!

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