You are a passionate and very structured individual who likes working with buggy games, turning them into great experiences for people who love non-buggy-ones ^^? We create games that have a unique focus embracing technical and gameplay challenges. Come and work with us in our cool office in the middle of the Alps. It has a breath-taking, inspiring view.

Our mission is to deliver unique game experiences embracing technical and gameplay challenges!

Character Profile:

You have a sixth sense for things that can go wrong in games. That’s why you know what needs to be tested. You are a good communicator that can interface with our producers as well as developers to explain them in detail what state the current game build is in and what’s necessary to bring them to a stable, enjoyable state. You can also walk the fine line between bugs that absolutely need to be fixed and fight for them, and letting less important bugs go that would put unnecessary strain on project timelines and the team.

The kind of stuff you’ll be doing:

Who we’re looking for:

Nice to have:

Addtional Note: This is a full-time position that is available right away!
Legal Note (req. by Austrian Law): In case of an employment you’d be categorized as “Zentrale Tätigkeit” of the “IT Kollektivvertrag” (Verhandlungsbasis).

If you would like to apply please head over here and fill out the form!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Game Dev/ QA Tester @stillalive studios