You want to create awesome PC/console games for passionate gamers? Shape the look and feel of our games? Want to work right here with us in our cool office in the middle of the Alps? Or you maybe even like to work from home?

Our mission is to deliver unique game experiences embracing technical and gameplay challenges!

Searching Artists!!

Artists: Got your first professional experience in games? Want to work with a small team, a diverse portfolio and get your hands on 2D/3D? Apply here:

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Character Profile

You are a creative individual, who can create various elements of a game and specific assets in it. You can achieve your vision in-engine and bring it to life as 3D/2D assets. You know what is important to our players (eyes) to stand out and are able to balance quality and production goals. You love working with others, getting feedback, incorporating it and constantly improving yourself.
Ultimately you strive to deliver the best game visuals possible!

The kind of stuff you’ll be doing

Who we’re looking for

Nice to have

Addtional Note: This full-time position is available right away!
Legal Note (req. by Austrian Law): In case of an employment you’d be categorized as “Allgemeine Tätigkeit” of the “IT Kollektivvertrag” (Verhandlungsbasis).

If you would like to apply please head over here and fill out the form!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Lead Artist application @stillalive studios

Looking for artists!

Attention Artists: We’re looking for more creatives in our team! If you have what it takes, you can be the one to shape the look of our games together with Katja! Hit us up if you can handle 2D & 3D software and have worked in Games before:

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