You want to create awesome PC/console games for passionate gamers? Use top-notch tools and shape the design of our games? Want to work right here with us in our cool office in the middle of the Alps?

Our mission is to deliver unique game experiences embracing technical and gameplay challenges!

Looking for #Coders!!

Join the JJJ team and start coding games with us! Apply here:

(Wearing glasses is not a not a requirement but preferred if you want to co-star in vol.2 of this video)

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Programmer wanted!If you’re up for some fun programming work, our lead coder Martin wants ? YOU! Apply now and start making great games with us!

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The kind of stuff you’ll be doing:

Who we’re looking for:

Nice to have:

Addtional Note: This is a full-time position that is available right away!
Legal Note (req. by Austrian Law): In case of an employment you’d be categorized as “Spezielle Tätigkeit 1” of the “IT Kollektivvertrag” (Verhandlungsbasis).

If you would like to apply please head over here and fill out the form!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Programmer application @stillalive studios

Stillalive People – Meet Hubert!Hey and welcome to #stillalivePeople , where we introduce our team to the world! This is Hubert, one of our programmers and a really fun guy. He has been with us for over a year and was brave to volunteer first to go in front of the camera:

Music Credits:
Groove It by ZAYFALL
Adventures by A Himitsu

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