stillalive studios came together in early 2010 in Innsbruck (Austria) and is best known for the Bus Simulator series and the SciFi strategy game Drone Swarm. Over the past years, we grew into an internationally respected team of talented devs focusing on technically ambitious simulation, management and strategy games.

We create own IPs like Drone Swarm and Rescue HQ as well as working on franchises like Bus Simulator. In 2015 our first game “Son of Nor” (action adventure) was released, that has previously been funded via Kickstarter in 2013. Make sure to check out our projects.

If you are interested in joining us have a look at our join us section.

We are standing right in the center of Innsbruck. SAM is always with us. September 2018

Julian Mautner [CEO]; Sandra Matscher [Producer]; Christoph Polus [Producer]; Philipp Arnold [Producer]; Rafael Vigneri [Assistant Producer]

Martin Kolb [Lead Programmer]; Katja Sonnleitner [Art Director]; Alexander Grenus [Lead Designer];
Andrei Pandelescu [Designer]

Manuel Matscher [Lead TechArtist, Infrastructure Manager]; Daniel Ewald Sluschny [TechArtist, Level Designer]; Jason Mathews [TechArtist]

Andreas Grois [Programmer]; Thomas Trenkwalder [Programmer]; Jeremias Boos [Programmer]; Hubert Scharfetter [Programmer]; Moritz Kertesz [Programmer]; Jan Wosnitza [Programmer]; Gideon Unger [Programmer]; Josua Kucher [Programmer]; Daniel Uprimny Arcos [Tech Artist]; Marco Hüllen [2d, 3d Artist]; Marlon Franz [UX Designer]; Luca De Mitri [QA Specialist];