Drones, controlled by an unknown force, almost wiped out the entire planet. By chance, humans found a way to gain control of the attacking alien technology. Earth was almost destroyed so they incorporated it into their own ships and set out to look for a new home. Control thousands of drones and explore the galaxy. Make allies, fight powerful enemies and invest in research to get more powerful abilities!

Game Facts

  • Title: Drone Swarm
  • Genre: Space SciFi Strategy
  • Platform: Steam PC
  • Release: To be announced
  • Official Website: http://droneswarmgame.com

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Key Features

Control thousands of drones

  • Command a huge swarm consisting of tens of thousands of drones.
  • Drone’s unique abilities include forming shields, disintegrating enemies and many more.
  • Target enemy ship sub-systems directly to destroy weapons, engines, shields etc.
  • Use the environment to gain tactical advantage on the battlefield. Ignite gas clouds or throw entire asteroids at enemy ships.

Drone Swarm Teaser Trailer 2018



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