React to every emergency in your city! As chief of the emergency station you are in command of law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services. Build and optimize your headquarters to be as efficient as possible. Always keep in mind the needs and requirement of every single department. Hire crew members with different skills and traits, and take care of them. Train them to become the best in their fields! Buy vehicles and other gear to help them with their tough task.
Prepare them and make sure they are ready… As you must respond to many different – even simultaneous – emergencies, and dispatch help wherever you can!

Game Facts

  • Title: Emergency Tycoon
  • Genre: Management Tycoon
  • Platform: Steam PC
  • Release: To be announced


Key Features

  • 3 Different departments: Law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services
  • Hire, train and care for your crew.
  • Resolve difficult emergencies from car crash, to forest fire, to terrorist attack.

First Gameplay Videos and Interviews