Build your Grand Casino Empire from scratch and design your very unique masterpiece. Lure your guests in with the promise of an exciting evening or quick cash. Influence their desires and empty their pockets! Gather knowledge and get to know your gamblers to manipulate them even better and make sure they only leave with no money left!

Knowledge is power! X-Ray Your Gamblers and get to know them better than they do themselves!
Build towards their desires, manipulate their decisions and squeeze them out. But as always things aren’t just that easy – Unhappy gambler’s leave your
casino early and lower your reputation. Balance your decisions, overcome diffuculties and make your way up to the top!

Plan and adjust! – Start you casino from scratch and build towards the very top. Make smart decisions, research new technologies and implement exciting new gambling machines and tables. Optimize all aspects of your casino and make sure you succeed over your competetion. Keep your gamblers’ happy at all time and build your legacy!


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