Enter the desert world of Noshrac. A harsh desert world where humankind is at the brink of extinction. You are a Son of Nor, a human mage with telekinetic powers and the ability to control natural elements. A mage trained to defend what is left of your race after the Great War with the Sarahul Empire. Solve puzzles, venture through long forgotten temples, terraform the desert and fight in challenging battles alongside your friends in this single player and co-op fantasy action adventure.

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Game Facts

  • Title: Son of Nor
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Platform: PC / Mac / Linux
  • Supports: Tobii EyeX / Emotiv EPOC / Oculus Rift
  • Multiplayer: up to 4 coop (network + splitscreen options)
  • Release: March 31st, 2015. Available on Steam now.

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