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Devmania 2015 Game Jam

White Hunt is a game that was created during the Over-Night-Contest at Devmania 2015. The theme for the contest was “Wintertraum” which translates to “Winter-Dream”. This game won the prize for “Beste Umsetzung” (best realization).

The game is designed for 2 player local coop, one playing with the keyboard and the other one supporting via mouse. Though it can also be played alone, in which case one player controls both keyboard and mouse.

A girl is alone in a dark snow-covered forest. She is cold and has to watch out not to freeze to death. There are wisps as well in the forest, who search for the girl. Following her foot tracks and camp fires to ultimately take all the warmth from her. Fortunately the girl has an ally. A small cloud that can snows onto a specific location. The cloud helps the girl covering up her tracks, extinguishing camp fires as well as snowing onto trees to let branches tear lose, for the girl to gather so she can create another camp fire. The cloud is also a powerful ally in case a wisp spots the girl. Snowing onto it will freeze it in place giving the girl enough time to escape.
Once the girl found all 3 magic runes hidden in the forest and brings them to the altar in the center, the game is won!

Game Controls

  • Player 1: Move: W A S D
  • Player 1: Interact: Spacebar
  • Player 2: Mouse

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