Privacy Policy of stillalive studios GmbH for the Game „Son of Nor”

The user agrees to this privacy policy in order to use the online-features (Multiplayer-Mode) of the product “Son of Nor”. stillalive studios GmbH (Impressum) may collect and use personal user-data (defined below) for the purpose of providing a functioning and seamless user experience while playing in multiplayer.

For this purpose, stillalive studios uses the multiplayer service provided by “Steamworks” of Valve Corporation (P.O. Box 1688, Bellevue, WA 98009, USA). While playing the multiplayer game, data will be collected by “Steamworks” and temporarily stored in their cloud. While the multiplayersession is running (and upon completion) the save-game-data is transmitted to stillalive studios to be stored. Upon closing of the multiplayer-session all generated session-data will be removed from the “Steamworks” session-servers. Stillalive studios refers to the privacy statement of Valve Corporation:
In addition to the user data listed below, the “Steamworks” service will also require and use the IP address of each participating player, in order to establish and hold the online-connection.

stillalive studios GmbH (optionally) collects game-analytics within Son of Nor via Game Analytics. Please refer to the Game Analytics privacy policy Data sent from the “Son or Nor” is anonymified and used for analytics and marketing purposes, to improve the quality of the product. The user has to actively agree (opt-in) to the analytics gathering at first game launch. The gathering itself can thereafter be turned off at any point in the game-settings.
Collected data is stored for 24 months before automatic deletion.

The user may at any time request removal of all personal data from the database, by contacting: privacy [at]


The above mentioned “user-data” consist of the following: