You want to manage the creation of awesome core games? Work with an enthusiastic, international and motivated team? Want to work with lots of different departments and disciplines right here with us in our cool office in the middle of the Alps, or even from home?

Character Profile

Are you good at sticking to the plan? Do you know what to do when things do not necessarily go as smoothly as they should? We are looking for competent producers who can manage full project cycles, keeping within scope, time and budget. You will be good at creating plans, backup plans and on the spot plans!  You understand how to create powerful and effective goals that will drive a team forward with your leadership. You are comfortable with communicating with high level stakeholders and can translate their feedback into meaningful tasks for team members.  You will be actively seeking out risks and finding ways to mitigate them.  Most of all, you will have a burning passion for games!

What character traits make you a great stillalive producer:

The kind of stuff you’ll be doing:

Who we’re looking for:

Nice to have:

Additional Note: This full-time position is available right away!

Legal Note (req. by Austrian Law): In case of an employment you’d be categorized as “Spezielle Tätigkeit 1” of the “IT Kollektivvertrag”.

Producer application @stillalive studios